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,Case Study 1:

NLV, one of Europe’s largest media logistics firms.

They were concerned that their productivity was too low and their staff were absent too often with muscular-skeletal problems such as RSI and back pain.

The ISWS Edge:

In consultation with our team at OTTOKIND, a conveyor system was designed, replete with specifically engineered, ergonomic workstations for the assembly and packing operatives.
[foogallery id=”675″] They reported that due to quicker task completion and vastly reduced employee downtime, productivity in the relevant areas had increased by 37.2%. Eighty six of their operators were directly impacted by the improvements, overall cost £124,000. The estimated total turnover that these employees create is £2.9 million – this means that, according to their figures, they are hoping to achieve £1,070,000 more profitable productivity out of their staff – each year. These tables have a constant use life expectancy of over 10 years.

They have a lower turnover of staff meaning lower training costs and less disruption and they have recorded fewer absences since the refit last year.

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