Kind Drawer Cabinets

KIND drawer cabinets – Secure, adaptable and engineered to open and close with the minimum of effort, regardless of the weight.

High quality storage for small parts and tools.

With a vast range of options and outstanding levels of functionality and quality, KIND drawer cabinets are the professional’s choice for the factory and workshop. Almost every storage item, from the smallest electronic component to heavy tooling can be stored properly, safely and securely.

OTTOKIND drawer cabinets have the following benefits which make would them a great investment for your company.

  • They have been engineered so that you can extend and return the drawers with minimal effort.
  • Premium steel, fully welded build. These cabinets are secure and completely rigid.
  • You can store up to 200 kg per drawer without any detriment to the drawer’s performance.
  • Equipped with absolute anti-tilt so that only one drawer can open at any time preventing possible injury.
  • Each drawer can be equipped to efficiently store whatever you need.  Our labelling systems make it easy to identify what is in the drawers.
  • We can provide rubber foam, shadowboard inserts for your valuable tools so you can immediately recognise when any are missing.
  • All drawer cabinets are centrally lockable, providing security for your valuable tools and components.
  • They look great and professional; the powder coated finish is immaculate so your investment will look fantastic. A professional and attractive work area gives your prospects and clients the assurance that you are equipped to look after their needs.
  • A wide range of colours as standard and the facility to provide almost any colour you need.  We can meet your corporate identity or provide different drawer colours to denote specific areas.
  • These drawer cabinets last for decades. We frequently replace keys for 30-year-old cabinets.
  • A vast range of sizes and drawer heights give you the flexibility to store whatever you need.
  • Cabinets can be equipped with castors or a fork-lift plinth to allow you to easily move them when needed.
  • They can stand alone, or as part of a workbench installation.

We have our most popular configurations below, but we are happy to discuss your particular needs to give you a cabinet that works for you. Call us on 01858 431699 to discuss a design that suits you.

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