Industrial Cupboards

Heavy duty steel cupboards that look great in the office and are built to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.

Safe, secure and completely rigid industrial cupboards that are supplied in an immaculate powder coated finish in a number of different colours.

Our heavy duty steel industrial cupboards have been designed to store a multitude of items in the harshest industrial environments. Ranging from 640mm to a huge 1500mm wide, a range of heights and depths and with capacities up to 1.3 tonnes, our cupboards all have three-point locking doors with reinforced panels giving them extra security The fully welded, strengthened housing along with the reinforced panels on the doors ensures that the cupboard will keep its shape and not buckle for as long as it is being used. This means that doors will always open and close easily and the shelves have been engineered to always comfortably hold the weights that they need to. We are still receiving key replacement requests from customers whose cupboards are still working perfectly 30 years after purchase.

Our heavy duty steel cupboards can be supplied with basic shelves or with specialist fittings inside. If you don’t see exactly what you need, we are still likely to be able to supply it. The heavy duty steel cupboards can be fitted with drawers, partitions, slide-out shelves, document holders, lockable doors, double compartment doors (one half per user). We also offer fluid collection trays, specialist sports cupboards, plastic containers, janitorial cupboards, plexi-glass windowed doors and much, much more.

Sliding door cupboards and folding doors (for our 1500mm wide cupboards) are also part of our range, perfect for corridors and other locations when opening standard hinged doors might not be feasible.

Immaculate, environmentally friendly powder coating in a large range of colours and an eye-catching design mean that these cupboards are just at home in an office as they are in an industrial environment.

If you don’t see exactly what you require, we are always on hand to help you so please give us a call on 01858 431699 or email us at

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