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Workshop design


Products, systems and designs that benefit you:

Designed to work, Built to last:

OTTOKIND equipment has been expertly engineered to last for the long term, all our products have that expensive quality that gives you the reassurance that you have chosen well, with doors that operate wonderfully smoothly, drawers that can be opened and closed with the minimum of effort despite having up to 200kg loads. Our customers often tell us that they still have OTTOKIND cabinets that were bought over 30 years ago and they still work perfectly.

Improve your staff performance:
Providing your staff with comfort while they are doing their job always leads to improved productivity. Our ergonomic designs mean that items can be located so that they are easily accessible, avoiding unnecessary reaching and discomfort. A reduction in absenteeism, slower staff turnover, greater employee engagement and quicker task completion are all benefits of transforming your staff’s working procedure.

Tailored to suit you:
The OTTOKIND product range is flexible enough to meet your needs and has evolved in the 115 years of progress to make optimum use of your operators and available space, whether you have a specific requirement for storage or wish to make your employees more productive, we are likely to have the answer.

Return on your investment:

All our systems have been designed to improve the way that people work and enable you to store your components, tools and consumables in the most practical way. Because this then improves efficiency and productivity, you will also improve your profitability and some of our customers have been known to reap back the cost of their investment within 4 months of installation. The installation itself doesn’t cause massive disruption during assembly and can usually be done with minimal impact on your activities.

Build your customer relationships:
Because of the look and the quality of OTTOKIND equipment, it is clear for all to see that you have invested in a premium product. You can then demonstrate to customers that you have an impressive environment that can create confidence in them that you can meet their requirements. Quicker lead times that come from improving your working methods and reducing absenteeism will only enhance your relationship.

See before you buy:
Our CAD design team can demonstrate our designs to you, we also understand that you want to see our product before making a choice and we will do our utmost to allow you to do that. We offer a survey, design and quotation, all free of charge and without obligation.

Great Value:
Despite the quality of the systems, it’s probably a smaller investment than you might think – our customers frequently register delighted surprise at our quoted prices. We can also put you in touch with low interest financing companies who can make your investment more comfortable for you.

To learn how we can benefit the productivity and profitability of your workplace, call us on 01858 431699 or email us at sales@isws.co.uk to get your free consultation, survey and design.